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Individual NATAL CHART Plus CAREER Reading

Individual NATAL CHART Plus CAREER Reading

You will learn about the psychological tendencies that are steering your life, your gifts and your challenges. A natal chart reading can save you years of finding clarity about your inner self, your natural gifts, your main lessons in this life and your life's purpose.


After after discussing your natal chart, we will dedicate another hour exploring the area of your career from the perspective of a calling/vocation, and also the best path for you to make a living while experiencing the joy of having purpose and meaning in your life. We will explore how different combinations of your skills and job environments may enhance your quality of life and your financial wellbeing.


I use astrological, spiritual and relationship-based insights to help you understand better your current situation and make informed decisions about which directions may have the most fruitful and satisfying results.


This reading may last between 2 to  2 and 1/2 hours, and it may be scheduled as one long session or 2 shorter sessions (at the same price).  We may record the reading using Zoom if you wish. 


You will receive a colorful natal chart and more than 25 pages of written report delivered in PDF format via email.


Your reading will be delivered via phone or via video-conferencing using Google Meet or Zoom (In-person readings may be available depending on COVID situation).  


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